Introduction and Congregational Singing
Praising God through song has been an integral part of Episcopal/Anglican tradition and we continue that tradition today at our 10 a.m. service and on the major holidays/feast days. We sing a variety hymns and songs including traditional American and British hymns, African American spirituals, Taize chants and songs, and praise songs. Most hymns are accompanied by our Southfield Pipe Organ or piano. Guitar is used for specific selections once or twice per month. Other instruments, including flute, trumpet and harpsichord, enrich our worship from time to time. Our monthly 4:30 p.m. service typically incorporates contemporary hymns and songs accompanied by guitar.

The St. Andrew's Choir
Many of our parishioners express how much they enjoy and appreciate the St. Andrew's Choir on a regular basis. This is an important ministry at St. Andrew's! The choir is an all-volunteer, intergenerational ensemble currently composed of around 15 adults. All sections (SATB) are represented and include strong leadership in each section. We are blessed with many talented and dedicated musicians within the choir and some sing in professional music groups. The choir is spiritually grounded and embraces its role as a leader in facilitating edifying worship for the whole parish.

The St. Andrew's Choir is an integral part of our 10 a.m. service, singing at least one anthem and leading congregational singing. The choir sings September through Trinity Sunday each year and truly adds to the celebratory nature of our liturgies at Christmas and Easter. Soloists from the choir usually sing on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. They currently have one weekly rehearsal (September - Trinity Sunday) an hour before the 10 a.m. service.

The Handbell Choir
For the past decade, St. Andrew's has enjoyed musical offerings by our Handbell Choir. This dedicated group provides prelude and offertory music approximately six times a year. Furthermore, the Handbell Choir has opened hymns on Christmas and Easter with a festive peal. Although the group typically plays two to three octave pieces, the group has played four octave pieces on occasion. Excitement continues to grow among the group and we are exploring how to best incorporate bells into the liturgy in addition to occasional musical offerings. The Handbell Choir is led by a volunteer team. Kevin Gilmartin serves as the director.

The Organ
Our Southfield Pipe Organ has enriched our worship since 2003. Our pipe organ is cherished by many in our parish and beyond.

16 Gemshorn; 8 Principal; 8 Gemshorn; 8 Harmonic Flute; 4 Octave; 4 Koppelflote; 2 Flachflute; IV Fourniture; 8 Trumpet; 8 Clarinet; Tremulant; Great 4; Swell 16-8-4

PEDAL: 32 Untersatz; 16 Principal; 16 Subbass; 16 Gemshorn (Gt); `16 Rohrbourdon (Sw); 8 Octave; 8 Gedeckt; 4 Super Octave, 16 Trombone; 16 Bassoon (Sw), 8 Trumpet; 4 Hautbois (Sw); Great 8-4; Swell 8-4

SWELL: 16 Rohrbourdon; 8 Geigen Diapason; 8 Rohrflute; 8 Viola; 8 Viola Celeste; 4 Spitzprincipal; 4 Zauberflote; 2 2/3 Nazard; 2 Octavin; 1 3/5 Tierce; III Mixture; 16 Basson; 8 Hautbois; 8 Trompette; Tremulant; Swell 16-4

The chamber and console are equipped to accommodate a choir division. Upon completion, it will including the following stops: 8 Cor de Nuit; 8 Erzhaler; 8 Erzhaler Celeste; 4 Spitzflote; 2a Principal; 1 1/3 Larigot; 8 Clarinet; 4 Rohr Schalmei

OTHER FEATURES: wind pressures - Great 3 1/2'; Swell 4'; Pedal 4 1/2'; three-manual terraced console in solid cherry and walnut; 8 divisional pistons, 12 generals; multiplex relay, with 99 levels of memory; programmable crescendo pedal